Using Lyrabar

Lyrabar uses computers to act as a secure form of payment.

With Lyrabar, you can send payments instantly across the world, for fees of less than a penny – it’s easier, faster, and much cheaper than Western Union.

With Lyrabar, you can receive payments for no fees at all – much better than the 3% standard merchant fee with credit cards.

You can spend Lyrabar anywhere that accepts it, and you can accept it yourself with a desktop wallet or online wallet.

And you can exchange Lyrabar directly for U.S. Dollars or Bitcoin any time, at

Or you can hold on to your Lyrabar as a store of value.  There is a much lower supply than with other altcoins, making each Lyrabar a rarer commodity.  Compared to Dogecoin’s billions, Lyrabar will have less than 2 million coins.